New Album From Sheryl Crow


sheryl crow

Sheryl Crow’s new album is a clever tour de force that deals with issues like the environment, gasoline/oil, war, diamonds, peace and love. The opening song, God Bless This Mess, is performed solo and paints Crow initially as an innocent, young, folky singer-songwriter. But don’t be fooled, the album quickly shows it’s true colors as a slick and complex construction – both musically and in message.

The songs are expertly produced by Bill Bottrell (producer of Crow’s first album, Tuesday Night Music Club), with multi-layers, recording techniques, and sounds that refer (at least to these ears) to Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds (Love is Free), Rolling Stones (Gasoline), John Lennon (Out Of Our Heads), Beatles (Drunk With The Thought of You) and R&B music. The songs are mostly uptempo, dance-able, very catchy (Shine Over Babylon, Love Is Free, Peace Be Upon Us, Gasoline), and manage to get serious messages across without compromising musicality (or the messages themselves for that matter).

Vocally, Crow is at the top of her game, showing off a variety of qualities, at times sounding like her contemporaries Madonna, Alanis, and Gwen Stefani. Peace Be Upon Us, in which she duets with the wonderful Arab singer Ahmed Al Hirmi, is quite a beautiful piece, and is actually slightly reminiscent of Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger.

Crow also works with global warming environmentalist Laurie David. She’s also teamed up with “Rock The Vote” for a special promotion.

Visit the Sheryl Crow web site for more info.


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