Tracy Chapman, Our Bright Future


Tracy Chapman’s new album, her first in 3 years, opens with an incredibly catchy song called Sing For You.  Lyrically it lacks a bit of substance. Even so I couldn’t help but listen to this song four times before moving on to the next song on the album.  Here she is playing it on Jay Leno.


The album, tinged with elements of country, folk, pop, and jazz, has been criticized for being too mellow and for being under produced.  And while I feel that mellow and under produced have their place, and while I generally appreciate Chapman’s music and political statements, I do feel that an album touted as having political content should make more of a splash. These days I often find myself thinking about what it is exactly that makes a successful political song.  Is it enough for it to just confirm peoples’ already existing beliefs or should it actually be able to to change peoples’ minds? Our Bright Future speaks very softly.  Too bad.  I guess I’m still waiting for someone to come around with a big stick and make some kind of a difference.

For more info about Tracy Chapman, go here


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