Bruce Cockburn Cuts a Slice O’ Life



Canadian political music icon Bruce Cockburn is releasing his first live solo album after a 39 year career that has seen him produce 34 albums of music, travel in Africa, Latin America and Asia with groups such as OXFAM and Amnesty International, and win a huge amount of national and global awards for his music and activism.

The double album, Slice O’ Life, released on Rounder Records, features 24 tracks recorded during his Spring 2008 tour of mainly the American Northeast, including one new song, City Is Hungry.  The personal and playful anecdotes as well as his interactions with the audience between songs give us some perspective on Cockburn as a person. Some highlights are the guitar performance on the opening track World Of Wonders and the audience participation on Wondering Where The Lions Are.  Also included on the album are hits such as If I Had A Rocket Launcher and If A Tree Falls as well as lesser known material.

There’s a hint of strain in the 63 year old’s voice but in general the performance is overwhelmingly strong.  He plays and sings with a lot of passion and conviction. Without any backing instruments, we get to see just how much sound he’s able to produce on his own: his guitar playing is at once solo, chordal, bass and percussion.  The effect is remarkable and it feels somehow as if this is the way his songs are meant to be heard.

Slice O’ Life is officially out on March 31st.  He’s touring this year as well, check out the following extremely complete fan sites for information:


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  1. 1 bobbi

    Some podcast interview links are up at the

    btw thanks for the heads up on the lyrics for Nicaragua..odd how they got left off!!

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