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Alison Notkin has recently completed her Master’s thesis on the communication power of political songs. She is now currently enjoying writing about and interviewing artists who are involved, in some way or another, in political activity.


7 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. enjoyed the survey. you should check the woody guthrie foundation in nyc. contact me directly for more info.


  2. hi
    someone forwarded me your request for political song fans to take your survey…i have written and recorded a lot of social and political songs on my cds, and get a lot of requests for them at my concerts…….you can hear a couple tracks on the myspace site, for example…if you’d like a cd to check out, please drop a line…thank you,
    rod macdonald

  3. 3 Richard

    Actually, Rod MacD, aside from never missing a marketing oppty., has written what is perhaps the finest political song out there: “My Neighbors in DelRay” which is on his cd “Recognition.” Would that the rest of the writing were as strong, or as strong as Rod seems to think at least. Quasifanmoto.

  4. 4 Robert D

    I was able to listen to the clip by going to youTube but could not find out how to return to the survey to enter my coment.

  5. 5 greybike

    Hi Robert D.,
    You can open the survey in one browser window, and then open another window and paste in the following youtube address: to get to the clip page. You’ll have to switch from window to window to listen to the clips and then respond in the survey.

    Not the smoothest of systems but it should work.

  6. 6 William Harrington


    I would like to submit my cd for review.
    Could you send me your mailing address please.

    Thank You

  7. Hi,
    You might be interested in two websites I have;

    * which is both about World changing songs and ‘the personal is the political’ definition of politics

    * ( or about how to use popular culture including music as a tool to change society, in this case health, but can be applied to other topics

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