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I had the pleasure of meeting Pete Seeger at a Strawberry Festival in New York state a few weeks ago while working as researcher and production assistant on a documentary about the late Cuban poet Jose Marti. Marti wrote a lot of the lyrics that ended up in the version of a song Pete Seeger […]

Canadian political music icon Bruce Cockburn is releasing his first live solo album after a 39 year career that has seen him produce 34 albums of music, travel in Africa, Latin America and Asia with groups such as OXFAM and Amnesty International, and win a huge amount of national and global awards for his music and […]

Tracy Chapman’s new album, her first in 3 years, opens with an incredibly catchy song called Sing For You.  Lyrically it lacks a bit of substance. Even so I couldn’t help but listen to this song four times before moving on to the next song on the album.  Here she is playing it on Jay […]

Other than the Dixie band that accompanies them, the largely volunteer-run Bread and Puppet Theater is not really about the music – but we’re giving them a mention here on the site because of their talent at expressing political ideas through art. In this case the art involves not music, but puppet-making and theater performance. […]

Sheryl Crow’s new album is a clever tour de force that deals with issues like the environment, gasoline/oil, war, diamonds, peace and love. The opening song, God Bless This Mess, is performed solo and paints Crow initially as an innocent, young, folky singer-songwriter. But don’t be fooled, the album quickly shows it’s true colors as […]

On June 18th (2008), we interviewed members of the audience as they came out of a Billy Bragg show at the Club Soda theatre in downtown Montreal. We got 55 respondents within about 15 minutes. In general the people were very open to talking to us about politics and music and we believe that we […]

We were happy to hear from Florida-based songwriter Rod MacDonald, who recently sent us a copy of his most recent CD A Tale of Two Americas. Influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs, MacDonald has been playing music professionally since the 1970s and was a proponent of the Greenwich Village Folk revival […]

Bruce Cockburn and General Romeo Dallaire are planning a benefit concert to raise money for Child Soldiers Initiative, a group organized by researchers at the University of Victoria School of Child and Youth Care dedicated to the elimination of the use of child soldiers in Africa. The group is also working on developing a program […]

Pete Seeger has teamed up with USC Canada to raise money for its Seeds of Survival Program, a program that “promotes long-term food security for marginal farming communities in developing countries.” The eighty-nine year old folk icon, along with grandson Tao Rodriguez-Seeger and New York folk/blues musician Guy Davis, started the tour in Montreal on […]

A multimedia museum honoring Woodstock is opening in neighboring Bethel, NY. The goal of the museum is to document the Woodstock event and to put it into historical and political context, helping to show the impact that it had on music, politics and American society. Read some articles about it: AFP (Agence France-Presse), Time Magazine, […]