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Other than the Dixie band that accompanies them, the largely volunteer-run Bread and Puppet Theater is not really about the music – but we’re giving them a mention here on the site because of their talent at expressing political ideas through art. In this case the art involves not music, but puppet-making and theater performance. […]

A multimedia museum honoring Woodstock is opening in neighboring Bethel, NY. The goal of the museum is to document the Woodstock event and to put it into historical and political context, helping to show the impact that it had on music, politics and American society. Read some articles about it: AFP (Agence France-Presse), Time Magazine, […]

This blog documents artists, past and present, who have written music about politics, as well as writings about the communication power of this music. There is a focus on current pop and folk artists from the Western world and their music, from the 1980s to the present such as Bob Geldof, Bruce Cockburn, Neil Young, […]