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Canadian political music icon Bruce Cockburn is releasing his first live solo album after a 39 year career that has seen him produce 34 albums of music, travel in Africa, Latin America and Asia with groups such as OXFAM and Amnesty International,¬†and win a huge amount of national and global awards for his music and […]

Bruce Cockburn and General Romeo Dallaire are planning a benefit concert to raise money for Child Soldiers Initiative, a group organized by researchers at the University of Victoria School of Child and Youth Care dedicated to the elimination of the use of child soldiers in Africa. The group is also working on developing a program […]

This blog documents artists, past and present, who have written music about politics, as well as writings about the communication power of this music. There is a focus on current pop and folk artists from the Western world and their music, from the 1980s to the present such as Bob Geldof, Bruce Cockburn, Neil Young, […]