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The Tao of Tao


After meeting Tao Rodriguez-Seeger with his grandfather Pete in June, I thought it would be interesting to get inside the head of the offspring of such an influential musician. Below is the introduction to an interview I did with him in July which has since been published by the guys at Musician Tao Rodriguez […]

Canadian political music icon Bruce Cockburn is releasing his first live solo album after a 39 year career that has seen him produce 34 albums of music, travel in Africa, Latin America and Asia with groups such as OXFAM and Amnesty International,¬†and win a huge amount of national and global awards for his music and […]

On June 18th (2008), we interviewed members of the audience as they came out of a Billy Bragg show at the Club Soda theatre in downtown Montreal. We got 55 respondents within about 15 minutes. In general the people were very open to talking to us about politics and music and we believe that we […]

We were happy to hear from Florida-based songwriter Rod MacDonald, who recently sent us a copy of his most recent CD A Tale of Two Americas. Influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs, MacDonald has been playing music professionally since the 1970s and was a proponent of the Greenwich Village Folk revival […]

Pete Seeger has teamed up with USC Canada to raise money for its Seeds of Survival Program, a program that “promotes long-term food security for marginal farming communities in developing countries.” The eighty-nine year old folk icon, along with grandson Tao Rodriguez-Seeger and New York folk/blues musician Guy Davis, started the tour in Montreal on […]

A collection of Nina Simone’s protest songs and interviews from the 1960s and early 1970s was released in April 2008. Simone, who passed away in 2003, was known for her work as a pianist, singer, arranger, and composer. The songs on this collection are not to be confused with her love-themed jazz recordings. The subject […]

In November 2007, Peter Garrett, ex-lead singer for the band Midnight Oil (1973-2002) was appointed as Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts in Australia. He had been an Australian Labor Party member of the House of Representatives (Kingsford Smith, New South Wales), since October 2004. Garrett also served as President of the Australian […]

This blog documents artists, past and present, who have written music about politics, as well as writings about the communication power of this music. There is a focus on current pop and folk artists from the Western world and their music, from the 1980s to the present such as Bob Geldof, Bruce Cockburn, Neil Young, […]