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The Tao of Tao


After meeting Tao Rodriguez-Seeger with his grandfather Pete in June, I thought it would be interesting to get inside the head of the offspring of such an influential musician. Below is the introduction to an interview I did with him in July which has since been published by the guys at Musician Tao Rodriguez […]

I had the pleasure of meeting Pete Seeger at a Strawberry Festival in New York state a few weeks ago while working as researcher and production assistant on a documentary about the late Cuban poet Jose Marti. Marti wrote a lot of the lyrics that ended up in the version of a song Pete Seeger […]

Pete Seeger has teamed up with USC Canada to raise money for its Seeds of Survival Program, a program that “promotes long-term food security for marginal farming communities in developing countries.” The eighty-nine year old folk icon, along with grandson Tao Rodriguez-Seeger and New York folk/blues musician Guy Davis, started the tour in Montreal on […]